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Written and Performed by Caitlin Morrow


I swore I'd never write another song about you

But you're all I think about

It's actually quite distracting

I'm in love with my best friend

And it's hard to believe this pain will ever end


I wonder what you're up to at the moment

Are you thinking about me

Or are your arms wrapped round another girl?

I'm wishing I could hold your hand

Why we're not together anymore I'll never understand


I miss the way your chin rested on my head

I miss the way you filled the empty space in my bed

I miss your scruffy hair

And the way you used to smile at me


But you don't do that anymore

And I don't know how to describe the pain

But it's passed out on the floor

With vodka darting through my veins

And it's feeling so alone

When I'm cold and awake at 4am

And it's a headache of memories

The happy times of you and me

Of who you used to be



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© 2018 by Helen Wilson

© 2018 Helen Wilson

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